Magic Course 02

Magic Course 02


Magic Course 02 builds on the first course with even more sleights of hand, more skills and more routines.

Still aimed at the beginner who is looking at finding their way into magic this course has a wide range  of different effects using a range of different objects. 

some extra items may be required to perform some of these effects such as a deck of cards, sponge balls or other small items which are easily available.

Among a host of other skills and routins, in this course you will learn:

*How to look like a pro when dealing cards,

*How to spring  cards from hand to hand,

*How to flick cards through the air like a boomerang,

*How to vanish a coin in mid air

*How to palm a card,

*How to force a card in two seemingly fair ways

*How to  control chosen cards to the top or bottom of the deck,

*Two false cuts so you never lose your card or stack.

*How to produce a card from your inside pocket,

*How to vanish and reappear a fist full of salt,

*How to cut and restore a piece of rope or a shoelace

*How to make three genuine pieces of different sized rope transform into three equal sized pieces of rope...


... and much more.

  • Specifics

    The video is approximatly an hour long. When you purchase the course you will receive a PDF file with a private link for you to access the video. 

    The video is not a download (due to file size). You will need a device with internet access to watch the video on.