Magic Course 01 FREE

Magic Course 01 FREE


Magic Course 01.

This course is available for Free. The link to which can be accessed by filling in the subscriber form on

This course is intended for beginners in magic - those who are just starting out and are looking for a solid point to embark upon their journey.

This video is over an hour long and contains a wide range of magic skills, slights of hand, and routines. 

You will learn:

*How to look professional when shuffling  and handling cards,

*The terminology magicians use regarding cards,

*How to secretly hold out a coin,

*How to vanish a coin from your hand,

*How to make a coin dissapear and reappear on a table,

*How to make an ordinary coffee cup sleeve magially shrink or grow,

*How to balance on object on top of a single playing card,

*How to Predict someone's chosen card ahead of time,

*How to read someone's mind knowing which card they have chosen,

*Enable your spectators to solve a mystery using only thier mind,

*How to appear to move an object using your mind

*How to deal down tothe 4 Aces out of an aparently randomly shuffled deck...


...and much more.