Brennan's 3 Shells

Brennan's 3 Shells


Handmade Walnut Shells for the famous Three Shell Game.


Included in the set is

           4x genuine, handcrafted Walnut shells.

           3x handmade sponge peas of various sizes.

           1x 'Best Pea' by Michael Stehle (spares available from Propdog.)


     Brennan's shells are all individually crafted by Ian from genuine walnuts.

After being carefully cut the bases are smoothed and further shaped to allow ease of loading and unloading the peas.

     The shells have been treated with a variety of washes bringing out depth of colour and definition to the natural grain. They have been finished with a thin clear coat to make them shine so they draw the spectator’s eye to the places you want it to be the most – on the shells.

     As they are made from genuine shells these not only look beautiful but sound just like real shells should. 


Why 4 shells?

     I have included a spare shell as these genuine shells will ultimatly be more fragile than more expensive resin or metal ones. Don't misunderstand me; this set should last you for years if looked after but I know as well as anyone the pain of breaking a beloved prop when gigging in the real world. Just in case you crack one by accident. It is always nice to have a spare just in case.

     If you would like to treat them in the future, I would suggest using a beeswax or furniture polish.


About the peas

      Ian's Sponge peas are hand cut from high density sponge/foam. They are very squishable and great to use. Peas like these have a long tradition in the three-shell game and were often used by hustlers in years gone by.

      If you would like completely smooth peas I highly recommend Michael Stehle’s “Best Peas” which are available direct from Michael or via Propdog. Michael’s Best Peas are the best!

(I have included one of these 'Best Peas' for you to try out and see which you prefer)


Thank you for being part of the start of this journey.