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The Magic Course

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     The Magic Course was established in 2021 by Ian Brennan who saw the need for great magic teaching for beginner magicians.

     The internet is full of poor tutorials teaching magic badly and without a natural route of progression: You can spend ages watching videos which end up taking you nowhere on your journey in magic. Ultimately these unstructured videos are a waste of everyone's time. 

     The aim of 'The Magic Course'  is to help you learn a range of skills and routines giving you real progress in your goal to learning magic. Along with a wide range of skills and routines you will learn about the secret 'Magic World' and how you can become a part of it.

     Ian's three magic courses aim to take you from beginner to performer.

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Meet Your Tutor

About Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan is not only a Member of the prestigious society

'The Magic Circle' in London but he also holds the title of 'Associate Of The Inner Magic Circle' with special recognition for his performance.

Ian has been performing professionally for over 10 years and can regularly be found at weddings and black-tie events across The West Midlands.

Ian also had a solo parlour show which was on a sold out run until lockdown closed performing venues.

Ian is well known in the magic community as he has written for The Magic Circle's international magazine for over two years. He has released two books on magic theory and effects which have been purchased by magicians across the globe, and he also produces bespoke, handmade walnut shell sets for the three shell hustle. 


His voice is well known to magicians across the globe as he co-hosts The Magicians' Advice Podcast with Phil Taylor. Approximately 4000 magicians subscribe to The Magicians' Advice Podcast (at last count) and it is currently in its sixth year.

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The Magic Course

Three Courses From Beginner to Performer.


Ian's Books

Grab one of Ian's books Today (for the more advanced magician)


Ian's Shells

Handmade Three Shell Game made out of real walnuts.



Magic Course

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